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Are you in search of the perfect mattress that not only supports your back but also lasts for years? If yes, the Therapedic mattresses are what you need. These are some of the most popular mattresses in North America. In addition, the brand boasts patented technology and unmatched customer support. The combination of these two traits is what makes Therapedic International the go-to choice for customers. Therapedic International began back in 1957 in New Jersey. At the time, the company was a single mattress manufacturing facility producing foundations and mattresses in Garwood, New Jersey. Soon after, the company started licensing other manufacturing facilities to produce mattresses using the Therapedic label and guidelines. This led to the birth of Therapedic mattresses in Toronto and dozens of other places across the globe. The move meant that consumers no longer had to go through the hassle of importing Therapedic mattresses. Therapedic International was propelled to prominence by its patented products and exclusive features paired with a consumer-friendly brand name. Today, it is one of the leading mattress brands in America. It was also among the first mattress-manufacturing companies to license its brand name abroad. Therapedic has granted more than fifty licenses across the world, all high-quality manufacturing products under the Therapedic brand. This has made it easy for consumers to get Therapedic mattresses regardless of where they are. The construction of a mattress is the most important aspect of any mattress. How it is constructed determines how long it lasts and how it feels. The Therapedic mattresses in Toronto use a combination of latex, foam and coils to guarantee the mattress offers maximum support, comfort and pressure relief. The unique combination of materials further ensures users get excellent breathability benefits. Not sure which option to go with? We are here to help. Get in touch with our mattress store experts for help choosing the Therapedic mattress that is perfect for you.


Therapedic Mattress
Therapedic Mattress

Therapedic Mattress

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
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Therapedic-Encore Bravura Mattress-Queensway MattressTherapedic-Encore Bravura Specs-Queensway Mattress
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Husky-Angel Mattress-Queensway MattressHusky by Sleepking-Queensway Mattress
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Why It is Important to Have a Good Quality Mattress?

Mattresses play a critical role in our lives, considering we spend a third of our lifetime sleeping. The quality of sleep you get at night also impacts your day – you can be active and happier after a sound sleep or frustrated and moody after a restless night. For that reason, you should never shy away from spending more money on a good mattress. Other reasons that will make investing in a quality mattress worthwhile include:

Improved physical and mental wellbeing – A bad mattress will keep you awake night after night. Lack of sleep is the main factor that creates stress. Stress leads to myriad problems, including high blood pressure, which ends up straining the heart. Sleeping on a good mattress will be doing your health a favour. Keep in mind that your entire day depends on how well you sleep.

Optimal muscle relaxation and spinal alignment – An uncomfortable mattress causes muscle stiffness and damage to the spine. A high-quality one will support the spine and allow the muscles to heal overnight after any injuries they may have suffered during the day.

Longevity and reliability – A good mattress can last up to 10 years in perfect condition, but they tend to cost more. Investing in one is better than buying a substandard mattress that leaves you feeling sore after a couple of years, forcing you to replace it too soon.

Our mattresses can provide the above and more.

Maximum Support from Multiple Layers

Therapedic mattresses come with different contouring material layers that make them very supportive. You get optimal relaxation.

Propriety Material Choices

Every element used in the mattresses is five-star quality. That shows the brand’s commitment to high standards and customer satisfaction.

Varying Firmness Levels

The mattresses cater to various needs by providing varying firmness levels ranging from very firm to plush. You can choose what serves you best.

Lifetime Warranty to Show Durability

Therapedic mattresses have extreme durability. Most of the selections have a warranty, and you can get a trial period before committing to one.

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