Memory Foam Mattress vs Pocket Coil Mattress: Which Is Best?

After a long day, you look forward to unwinding in bed. Uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep will keep you healthy, fit and rejuvenated to face the world. Apart from a peaceful bedroom environment, you need a good mattress. The right mattress will improve your sleep, eliminate aches, lessen allergies, and promote a good posture, among other things. So, should you go for pocket coil mattresses or memory foam mattresses?

In the debate about foam mattresses versus pocket coil mattresses, memory foam is preferred for its ability to absorb movements and for its durability. The pocket coil mattress, on the other hand, is favoured for its affordability and by people looking for a supportive sleeping surface. Both options pack a fair share of pros and cons, so which one should you choose? To better answer this question, you have to consider each option individually.

What Is a Pocket Coil Mattress?

A pocket coil mattress is the most traditional type of mattress. The mattress contains metal coils for underlying support. The unique feature of the pocket coil spring mattress is that the system has individual springs that are wrapped in a fabric covert. This enables the coils to work separately, responding to particular areas of pressure. The end result is a target support that provides the perfect balance between flexibility and firmness.

Now that you understand what is a pocket coil mattress, it is good to note that they are praised for their capacity to reduce motion transfer. This makes them a popular choice not just for individuals but also for couples who share a bed with fidgety sleepers.

What Is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam, on the other hand, is lauded for its unique ability to conform to your body's natural curves. It is this adaptive quality that enables this mattress to offer personalized support that caters to various sleep positions and body types. The mattress delivers excellent comfort while alleviating pressure points. This makes foam mattresses highly sought-after for people looking for a supportive and snug sleeping surface.

Memory Foam vs. Pocket Coil Mattress: Advantages and Disadvantages

Now that you understand the key traits of pocket coil vs foam mattress, let us compare the two. We will do so by looking at the areas where one mattress excels over the other. While delving into the unique qualities of each option, we will focus on comfort, support, durability, temperature retention and price.


When searching for a mattress, the first thing most people consider is comfort. The issue is that deciding the mattress that takes the trophy as far as comfort is concerned can be subjective. It all depends on what you are looking for. For example, some people prefer a firm mattress, while others prefer soft surfaces.

With the memory foam mattresses, you will get a snug, 'hugging' sensation. This leads to a completely cozy experience. With the coil mattress, you will get sufficient comfort with a springier feel, which eschews the sinking feeling that is typical of memory foam.

As you can see, the choice, in terms of comfort, will depend on personal preferences. The particular feel you love in a mattress will influence your choice.


Another important consideration you have to make when choosing a mattress is the support. Again, your choice will depend on personal preferences. Both pocket coil and memory foam mattresses offer strong support for the body when sleeping. How they attain this support varies.

Memory foam mattresses will offer support and also adjust to your natural body's contours. This helps relieve pressure points irrespective of your sleeping position. The adaptive nature of memory foam guarantees correct spinal alignment while offering targeted pressure relief at the same time.

On the other hand, pocket coil mattresses provide crucial spinal support. These mattresses do not have the conforming feature of a memory foam mattress.


Longevity is a vital consideration when buying a mattress. When comparing foam mattresses versus pocket coil mattresses, you will notice that they last almost the same time. A pocket coil mattress has an average lifespan of between 8 and 10 years. Conversely, a memory foam mattress can last up to 12 years when cared for properly.

To extend the life of a pocket coil and memory foam, it is imperative that you rotate the mattress regularly. This simple practice is very effective in extending the life of your mattress, irrespective of the type of mattress you choose.

Temperature Retention

Temperature regulation is crucial for a good night's sleep. Pocket coil mattresses are considered to be more breathable. This is because while on the mattress, air will circulate around you freely. Pocket coil mattresses are able to dispel heat efficiently when compared to memory foam mattresses.

The denser composition of memory foam may lead to heat retention, possibly causing you to be warmer all through the night. However, it is good to note that technological advances have led to the introduction of cooling infusions in memory foam mattresses. This feature alleviates the issue of heat and offers substitutes for regulating the temperature.


If you are concerned about price tags, a coil spring mattress is more affordable. Memory foam is costlier because of the materials used in its construction. It is, however, crucial not to use cost as the main determining factor. Think of mattresses as investments in your well-being.

When to Use Which Mattress

A pocket coil mattress is ideal for back sleepers and persons with lower back pain. A memory foam mattress is suitable for side and stomach sleepers because it conforms to the shape of the body.

Which Is Easier to Care For?

There is no definitive answer to which mattress is easier to care for. The answer depends on your preference, budget and lifestyle. While pocket coil mattresses are less prone to sagging and indentations than memory foam, they are heavier and thus harder to rotate every few months.

Memory foam, on the other hand, is more resistant to allergens, dust mites, and mould than pocket coil mattresses. On the flip side, memory foam mattresses trap more moisture and heat, which can affect their longevity and comfort. More frequent cleaning and airing may be needed to prevent stains and odours.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have some clarity on the foam mattress versus pocket coil mattress debate. As you may have realized, the final choice is dependent on personal preferences.

Whether you are interested in pocket coil mattresses or memory foam mattresses, we are committed to providing premium mattresses. Take a moment to go through our selections, and call us if you need any assistance.

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