How to Dispose of an Old Mattress

While the topic of mattress sale Toronto is addressed quite often, the topic of old mattress disposal is rarely addressed, which is the main reason most people stay with the same mattress for too long. However, knowing how to get rid of your mattress is vital whether your old mattress has reached its lifespan or you want to upgrade to a better one before the timeline of the old one elapses. So, how do you dispose of a full-size mattress? Taking it to the landfill is not always the only option. Apart from throwing the bedding away, donating, reselling, or recycling it are other methods of disposal of old mattresses you can try. Such alternatives reduce your impact on the environment.

We understand the attachment that comes with having a mattress for a long, especially given the hours you spend sleeping. That is one of the reasons behind having trouble disposing of mattresses. Remember that the longer you do not say bye-bye mattress, the higher the chances of your quality of sleep reducing. We provide several tips regarding what to do with old mattress signs indicating such a change is due. Ensure you explore all your options, including how to get rid of the mattress in an apartment.

Signs That You Need a New Mattress

How do you know when your mattress is bad? That is the most crucial question when wondering how to get rid of a mattress. Ascertain that it can no longer serve its primary purpose and the need to dispose of it is not a want. That is not to say you cannot get rid of our old mattress whenever you buy a new one – that is the general guideline for most people. Still, it helps to know the signs to look for before such a decision.

Ways to Dispose of Your Mattress

Donating an Old Mattress

You can always give your mattress a second life by donating it to a charity organization if it is still in good condition. It can provide reprieve to someone less fortunate even if it no longer works for you. But where do you dispose of mattresses?

Local and national charity organizations are available, most of which cater to transportation. That perfectly addresses the issue of what is the best way to dispose of a mattress. Examples of charity organizations are:

Salvation army – Salvation army can pick up the mattress, or you can drop it at their nearest location. Ensure that it is not torn or ripped and does not have holes or other damages. It also helps to contact the organization beforehand to confirm whether they will accept the mattress.

Habitat for Humanity – You can take your mattress to ReStore, a thrift store by Habitat for Humanity, or determine if they can pick it up from your location. The stores are available in multiple locations.

National Furniture Bank Association – The Furniture Bank Association gives or sells mattresses to less fortunate communities at a lower price. They offer pickup services within a 20-mile radius. Ensure you call beforehand. Other charities include Catholic Charities, Goodwill, and Donation Town.

Not All Mattresses Are Good Enough to Be Donated – Does Yours Fit Into This Category?

Most people discard mattresses because they are torn, making them unfit for donations. Some organizations also have high standards and cannot accept damaged mattresses, no matter the size. Ensure yours is in good shape, and ask the charity institutions beforehand to avoid rejection. Although acceptance standards differ with each institution, common guidelines on how to dispose of a mattress exist.

Holes and tears – You cannot donate a mattress if ripped, torn, or with holes, whether the damage is on the seams or the inner material. Large gashes or small holes also disqualify such donations. The cause of damage does not matter – it could be from a dog bite, cigarette burn, or cat scratches. The firmness also matters, with most organizations rejecting mattresses with compromised firmness.

Structural issues – The functionality of a mattress depends majorly on its structural integrity. A compromised structure means it can no longer function as it should, meaning donating it is not an option. Signs of poor mattress structure include broken, bending, or jutting coils. You cannot miss such issues – you are likely to notice them when sleeping, though some damages can be visible from the outside.

Structural issues are mainly noticeable in older mattresses because they come from natural wear and tear, resulting in excessive sagging, large indentations, asymmetrical bunching, or the inability to lose indents. Such beds are unfit for someone else, as much as they are unsuitable for you.

Infestations – You cannot give a pest-infested mattress to someone else. That concept may seem obvious, but it is not for some people.

Never donate a mattress with mold or pests, be it bedbugs or any other creature. Cleaning the mattress after finding a few bugs does not help or make it usable. Such issues are often deeply rooted, and surface cleaning is not a solution. Getting rid of life forms dwelling in a mattress is never simple. That is why you should never consider a donation as a solution for old mattress disposal if it has infestations.

Stains – The size or source of the smudge or smear does not matter – you should never give a stained mattress to anyone. The same applies to mattresses with discolorations that happen naturally with time. You can try to remove those stains if the quality of the bed is still intact. The following DIY solutions may help.

  • Spot cleaning: Small or singular stains are easy to remove through spot cleaning. You can buy an enzyme cleaner for the job or use readily available cleaning agents at home. Enzyme cleaners break down the stain formation to eliminate them – ensure you purchase non-toxic products. For the other alternative, use a combination of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and baking soda. Spray that mixture on the stained surface and pat dry with a clean cloth. You could also use lemon juice and salt if you do not have the other components. Make a thick paste using lemon and salt and apply it to the stains. Leave it for at least 45 minutes, then wipe it with a clean cloth. The bigger the spot, the longer the waiting period.
  • Vacuuming: The alternative works for dander, dead cells, dust, or debris on the mattress. Use a hand-held vacuum if available.

Odors – Sometimes mild smells go unnoticed, especially by mattress owners. You can invite someone else who does not live in the same house to test the stench.

If mild, you can sprinkle baking soda, then leave it to settle for a few minutes before vacuuming. Air the mattress for a few minutes, then test again. If the smell persists, do not give that mattress to charity.

A mattress meets donation standards if it is clean, infestation-free, odorless, and structurally intact. Anything less means you should consider other disposal options.

For the table below, we need a brief overview of the factors you have written above.

Organizations in Canada You Can Donate Your Mattress To Habitat for Humanity.

The organization has several stores countrywide. They stock home improvement products like furnishings and other relevant supplies, and the sales proceeds support their charity work. They do not have the same materials in all the locations. That is why you should determine if your mattress donation is acceptable within your area beforehand.

Salvation Army.

The salvation army is one of the longest-serving charity organizations. They are known for how they assist the needy in different regions. The institution has many thrift stores in various locations - they sell clothes and furnishings. Donating to them has some tax advantages you can enjoy – so long as the mattress is in perfect condition.

Furniture Bank Association.

The FBA is known for finding furnishings, including mattresses, and giving them to people who need them but do not have the financial capacity to purchase them. They sometimes sell the donations at a lower cost and do pick-ups within a 20-mile range. You need to arrange with them beforehand and confirm that the mattress is in perfect condition.

Donation Town.

Donation Town operates in a slightly different manner. They can help you identify the charities close by and can sometimes arrange for transportation. It is more of a resource that is easy to use if you are unsure where to take your mattress. Only type your zip code, and charities nearby will pop up.

Recycling an Old Mattress

The next best option after a donation is recycling. It keeps your mattress from filling landfills and destroying the environment.

Did you know that 80% of mattresses can be recycled, yet most end up in garbage bins before transportation to dump sites, where they contribute to the planet’s waste and unsafe working conditions? Think of 20 million mattresses ending up in landfills each year, each taking 40 cubic feet. That translates to a massive contribution to the detriment of the environment.

Determining how to recycle a mattress means finding out the possibility of recycling. You can do that online through Google by finding recycling services near you. Type “mattress recycling programs (your zip code)” You may have to pay some amount for those services, but you get free collection and contribute positively to the surrounding. Other resources to help you figure out how to get rid of an old mattress include Earth 911, your local city council, and the Bye Bye mattress.

DIY Recycling

DIY ideas for old mattresses are helpful when recycling facilities are not within your region, and you cannot transport the bedding to their location if they do not offer pickup services. Do not throw away the mattress if donation and facility recycling is impossible. You can try the following instead.

Take the mattress apart.

That means learning how to cut up a mattress for disposal. Find a way to reuse each mattress component independently - gather the correct tools and find adequate time to accomplish the task. Taking the mattress apart also allows you to differentiate reusable parts from recyclable ones. Ensure you call your nearest recycling plant to confirm they need the pieces you want to give away. For instance, you can take the springs to the local metal dealership store while you put the other parts to good use within the home.


Can you cut the mattress in half? Yes, if you want to use your imagination in reusing all the elements. Upcycling is the perfect option for creative homeowners who want to get the most out of old mattresses. Take it apart and find an ideal use for every component. You may upcycle the whole bed or most parts in different ways.

Indoor décor use

You can turn your mattress into home décor pieces. Examples include converting the springs into a metal wine rack or turning the old foam into cat padding. You can always have the right ideas if you see the old mattress as a resource.

Garden options

Mattress components can also be usable in gardens. The first thing to figure out when trying this option is how do you cut a piece of mattress. Once that is done, you can use the wooden parts as mulch in the garden. It can also serve as a raised garden bed for planting vegetables or flowers. If the above alternatives fail, you can determine how to roll a mattress for disposal and give it away.

Remember, you cannot donate or reuse mattresses that have bedbugs, are torn, ripped, or stained. If you cannot use it because of the above problems, do not give it to someone else.

Local Recycling

Can I take a mattress to my local recycling Centre?

Local recycling is the most suitable option for mattresses that are not reusable. The trick is locating a recycling center in your area, keeping in mind that some may accept the beds as they are, and others may not. You may have to invest some time in finding the right location, but the process moves swiftly afterward. Some facilities use other companies to pick and recycle mattresses at a low cost under the Extended Producer Responsibility Program, while other locations prohibit such charges. Such centers provide the best answer to the question of what do I do with my old mattress in Canada? They also follow different rules and regulations according to the municipality and mattress type. Examples include Ellice Recycle, MattCanada, Re-Matt, Junk4Good, and Canadian mattress recycling.

Please note that you may pay less if you drop the mattress at the facilities and more when they arrange for pickup.

Giving Away Your Old Mattress or Reselling It

How do I Get rid of a Mattress in My Area?

Recycling only works for mattresses that are not in the best shape. Not wanting to give up your bed for free if it is still in a sound state is also understandable. That is where reselling comes in. You may not get all the money you spent on it initially or make any profit, but you can recover a portion of your expenditure if you are lucky. Establish the suitability of the mattress before putting it up for sale – it should not sag in the middle, must be clean, and be free of odors, including smoke.

Where Can I Throw my Mattress?

The internet has many platforms you can take advantage of when exploring the cheapest way to get rid of an old mattress. Platforms like Facebook, Craigslist, Freecycle, NextDoor, and OfferUp are excellent for finding potential buyers. Ensure you take clear pictures, specify your location, and outline the selling price. Add other requirements you might have, such as pickup location - if you want the buyer to get the mattress from your house. Another method of finding the best buyers is posting flyers around the neighborhood - in coffee shops, community centers, or schools. Ensure you put the dimensions and condition of the mattress on the flyers.

If you are still wondering what to do with an old mattress after trying reselling unsuccessfully, proceed to give it for free by simply changing your description to “free” on a platform like craigslist. You can also offer it to an acquittance directly instead of searching for a recipient through online channels. Do not shy from using your social media accounts or circle to find a potential recipient for the mattress. You may be surprised to discover that one of your acquaintances, friend, or someone you did not think of needs the extra bed and have enough room to accommodate one. When posting the bed disposal online, ensure you include the size and condition of the mattress in the description. The clearer you are, the lower the chances of wasting potential recipients’ time. Make it easier for them to determine if it is the right fit.

When searching for where to dispose mattress for free near me, the above facilities usually suffice. You can narrow down the options to find the closest branch near you. You can also contact a mattress company to haul it away. Queensway Mattress can help you upgrade to a new mattress once you get rid of the old one.

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