The Ultimate Guide to Canadian-Made: Craftsmanship, Benefits, and Top Picks

It can be overwhelming when you visit a furniture store, and there are all these mattresses. You only have an hour or so to choose the mattress you will be sleeping on for the next five to ten years. Which one should you buy? How firm or soft? What’s better – a memory foam or spring-based mattress?

Well, a great mattress and the best bedding in Canada enable you to enjoy a good night’s sleep and reduce body pain. If you always wake up with soreness, perhaps it’s time to get a new and better mattress. Most dealers or manufacturers will be glad to handle mattress shipping for you. Remember, buying the right mattress can minimize discomfort and keep you asleep.

Why Choose a Canadian-Made Mattress?

Excellent Quality and Craftsmanship

While you may be lured into purchasing imported mattresses and furniture, a larger percentage of such items doesn’t go to the production process. Manufacturers spend a lot of resources on product packaging, stocking, and shipping. This additional expenditure makes locally-made beds and mattresses less costly.

A larger percentage of the cost of Canadian-made beds and mattresses goes into high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. This makes most mattresses and beds locally relatively affordable. Note that imported brands are often concerned about large-scale production and bulk shipping across different countries. In most cases, they ship partly bolted beds instead of fully assembled options. Whereas locally-made beds are often crafted with mortise and tenon, ensuring fine pieces.

Supporting Local Businesses and the Canadian Economy

An estimated 97% of the locally-made furniture industry is owned by citizens and permanent residents of Canada. Most of these enterprises are small, medium-sized, and family-owned businesses. Therefore, when you buy mattresses and beds made in Canada, you are supporting these local businesses and contributing to the larger economy.

Most importantly, purchasing the best-made beds locally allows you to contribute to the families and employees of Canadian-based furniture dealers and manufacturers.

benefits of Canadian-made mattresses

High-quality materials and expert craftsmanship

Locally-made beds and mattresses less costly

Supporting Local Businesses and the Canadian Economy

97% of the locally-made furniture industry is owned by citizens and permanent residents of Canada

Materials Used in Canadian-Made Mattresses

Most local mattress manufacturers favour sustainable and eco-friendly materials and fabrics. That means natural options like linen, wool, organic cotton, and hemp are commonly used. These high-quality materials are also sourced ethically, from production to distribution and usage in the mattress production process. Here are the common materials used in mattress production.

Memory Foam

Also known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam, memory foam was initially developed by NASA engineers. It hugs you – moulds to your body’s contours when you lie down (expose it to body heat), and returns to its initial shape when it cools (you wake up). Indeed, memory foam has become a widely preferred choice for mattresses as it ensures even weight distribution, contouring, and pressure relief on the spine.

There are different memory foam mattresses in retail businesses today. Therefore, choose one with proper support to ensure balanced contouring while you sleep.


Canadian-made latex mattresses are a great alternative if you need a mattress that cushions you without the ‘body hug’ associated with memory foam. These mattresses retain minimal body heat. Thus, they are ideal for most hot sleepers. You may want to check out the best Canadian-made latex mattress if you plan to change your old mattress.

Hybrid Combinations

If you want a mattress that offers both sturdy support and plush cushioning, the best Canadian-made hybrid mattress may be the right option for you. It combines latex or foam comfort layers with the coil system of innerspring mattresses. The result is a perfect balance of responsiveness, pressure relief, temperature regulation, and edge support that other types of mattresses rarely match.

Diving into Different Types of Canadian-Made Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are made from a type of polyurethane foam designed by NASA for efficient shock absorption and to make rocket seats comfortable. This foam is highly responsive – it sinks in along your heavy points and offers soft-feeling support while you sleep.
Note that the memory foam used in mattresses may be made from different foam types, polyurethane or gels. Among other factors, this can affect the density of a foam mattress.

Here are the benefits of the best Canadian-made memory foam mattress:

  • A memory foam mattress is quieter than conventional mattresses
  • Offers better comfort than other mattresses
  • It conforms to your shape when you sleep, allowing for better spinal alignment and support
  • It isolates movement, making it an ideal option for couples who turn and toss
  • Memory foam is a budget Canadian-made foam mattress


  • If your room is hot, a memory foam mattress may be too hot for you

Latex Mattresses

These mattresses have been in use for over a century. However, they've become popular in recent years thanks to advancements that have decreased their price. A latex mattress is nearly the same as a memory foam mattress in that it ensures pressure point relief and contouring. However, Canadian-made latex mattress options are generally firmer, cooler, and more bouncy.


  • Offers effective spinal alignment with support
  • Canadian-made organic latex mattress options are all-natural mattresses with benefits
  • Ensures better temperature regulation than a memory foam mattress
  • Latex absorbs movement, making these mattresses perfect for co-sleepers
  • Durable mattresses that can last two decades or more


  • Costly mattress options
  • Latex mattresses are heavy

Hybrid Mattresses

The hybrid mattress in Canada is made of different mattress categories. For example, an innerspring mattress with a layer of memory foam, options with different foam types, and a combination of foam and latex.


  • Hybrid mattresses can be customized to match your preferences. There are many combinations that may go into different layers. This makes hybrid mattresses easily customizable.
  • Offers better comfort and support. It combines supportive base layers, such as air chambers or innerspring, with soft layers like pillow tops and memory foam.


  • High-quality hybrid mattresses are more expensive compared to other mattress options.

Specialty Mattresses

When it comes to choosing a great mattress, there are times when a standard mattress isn't an option for you. That's why some Canadian and French mattress brands offer specialty mattresses made of different material types and well-thought-out manufacturing techniques.

Crib Mattresses

A crib mattress is a popular specialty mattress that offers comfort, firmness, and an easy-to-clean sleep surface for your kids from infancy until your child can use a big-child bed. There are different types of crib mattresses to choose from, so research widely and compare the pros and cons before buying.

Futon Mattresses

From furniture to fashion, the sustainability movement has been picking up steam in the past decade and infiltrating different aspects of modern life. An easy way to join this trend is to choose multi-purpose pieces of furniture that play different roles, easily adapt, and can be repurposed. Futon mattresses fit this category. Be sure to compare different options when choosing a firm mattress in Canada.

Medium to firm
5-8 years
Budget to luxury
8-10 years
Mid-tier to luxury
Memory Foam
Soft to medium
8-10 years
Mid-tier to luxury
Gel-infused Foam
Soft to medium
10-12 years
Mid-tier to luxury
Soft to medium
10-12 years
Mid-tier to luxury
10-12 years
Mid-tier to luxury

Additional Bedding Products Made in Canada

Quality sleep is crucial to your health. You cannot get a good night's sleep without a quiet, comfortable environment. That means your mattress and other bedding products affect every aspect of your sleep. Your blankets, pillows, and bedsheets all play a crucial role in helping you relax and sleep well. Here are different bedding categories you should know.

Mattress Toppers

Also known as mattress pads, Canadian-made mattress toppers provide support for your body while sleeping, enhance the mattress's lifespan, and improve the level of comfort your mattress offers. A mattress topper can enhance the firmness or softness of your mattress.

There are different types of Canadian-made mattress pads. A latex foam mattress topper is ideal for users looking for an eco-friendly option with a faster response time, greater bounce, and lasts decades. On the other hand, memory foam is perfect for users who prefer better motion isolation and compression support. Gel toppers are soft and offer pressure relief. They are ideal for users who want to soften up firm mattresses.

Mattress Protectors and Covers

If you are looking for a high-quality Canadian-made mattress cover, there are numerous options to choose from. However, before you make that choice, understand the importance of having one. Mattress covers protect mattresses from stains and spills. They form an absorbent layer on top that serves as a barrier between you and the mattress. An excellent cover can also prevent allergens from accumulating in your mattress and other bedding.

Bed Frames and Headboards

Bed frames hold a mattress in place, while headboards are attached to the frames for stability. You can easily improve your bedroom with a set of bed frames and headboards. A simple touch of elegance will go a long way in transforming your bedroom. Whether you are looking for the most durable mattress or the best Canadian-made mattress for cooling, be sure to get a bed frame and headboard

Final Thoughts on Canada-made mattresses

If you are looking for the best bedding in Canada, the best choice is one that fulfills your sleep requirements and fits your budget. People often need different bedding products, from mattresses to bed frames to mattress covers. Their choices vary depending on their needs, sleep position, personal preferences, and more.

When you finally decide to replace your mattress or buy a new one, choose an eco-friendly option. These mattresses have a limited impact on the environment and offer other health and aesthetic benefits. Remember, most brands provide eco-friendly mattress shipping across the country and beyond.

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