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Frontenac Chiropractic (True North Collection) Mattress



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Frontenac Chiropractic (True North Collection)

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In celebration of our nation’s 150th special birthday, Springwall Sleep Products created their True North Chiropractic collection. Frontenac is a euro top mattress composed of 828 comfort pockets, foam encased and with the revolutionary COOL to the touch Northern Ice PCM Visco Gel. Springwall Sleep Products’ True North collection promotes correct spinal alignment that is endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association.

Further Details:

  • Comfort level: Medium plush
  • Mattress height: approximately 12”  
  • 10 year warranty


Northern Ice PCM ViscoGel

Northern Ice

A graphite infused memory foam with surface gel.  Graphite infused conducts heat away from the body and the surface get helps regulate your body temperature

(1) SUPPORT – Zoned Chiropractic® support system

  • Reinforced centre third lumbar support section
  • Correct postural alignment
  • Reduces partner disturbance

    (2) RESPONSIBLE – Eco Series Components

    • Bio foams and natural content fabrics
    • Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
    • Reduces your carbon footprint

    (3) COMFORT – Percell® zoned support foam

    • High density zoned poly and speciality foams
    • Enhanced conformability
    • Relieves pressure points

    (4) HEALTHY – Airways® border

    • Flow-thru foam encasement rails
    • Springwall® ventilated border
    • Creates a healthy sleep environment